Design is an integral part of our creative process. From brand identities to logos to packaging, we have covered an entire spectrum of designing. Our aimĀ is to use look and feel that translates and effectively conveys the set objective.

Colours, hues and fonts all come together to create a look that is unique.


Packaging, Logos, Brochures.....all form part of the design story for us at BEE. Our creative designs are led by strategy and insight into the mind of the consumer and the objective of the brand.

You need someone to listen? Speak to them in a visual language they understand.

Print Media

Mass media still holds appeal when trying to reach a specific target group. This especially holds true of magazines, which have a niche/ select readership. However, while people debate on the ROI of the print medium, it remains one of the highest used mediums to date.

Social Media

The market today demands brands be interactive, entertaining and educative to create impact. In order to be effective, brands need to be different. Everyone is social today, from young 'uns to older buyers, creating conversations and building traction organically, one needs to be an out of the box thinker who's relevant.

The Bee

BEE is not just an agency, we are an idea. We believe we are influencers who can swing opinions and thinking. Through our communication which is fun, educative, informative or just simply raising our voices against abuse, firecrackers or child labour, we believe if we can change even one persons behaviour/ thought process, we have done justice. Because to us, it matters.